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With age comes wrinkles, aching bones and loss of hair in the most inconvenient places.¬† One of these things doesn’t have to belong with our density renewal Scalp Micro-Pigmentation process. We make your scalp look like you’re maintaining a short haircut or that you still have maintained your youthful hairline.

These eventual life events can leave anyone’s self-image in a desperate situation, but with our density renewal this stage of life is inconsequential.

As you can see from the images to the left and right, you can see we make hair follicles appear out of nothing and that’s the true capability of density renewal work. It’s perfect for anyone with a receding hairline or someone who is going through hair thinning.

There are things that happen in life that we have no control over and sometimes these incidents leave reminders in the most obvious places. If you’ve had a surgery or an accident that has left you in need of scar concealment, then we are exactly what you need.

We have already helped people like you with scar concealment and the results are like day and night. Our customers always leave with more confidence than when they entered our office because our scar concealment process works with anyone at any age regardless of being man or woman.

Whether you need scar concealment from a childhood accident or you dodged a bullet in the line of duty, it’s all the same process and usually done within just a few hours or a few appointments. Your scars can tell a lot about you, or you can tell others about the scars they haven’t noticed with our scar concealment.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is for more people than just men. Everyone across the human species experiences baldness with age and currently the only truly effective solution is SMP. The creams and shampoos only yield temporary results or less than satisfactory, yet SMP is a much more permanent solution that looks far more natural than any other methods.

There’s a multitude of different treatments that all brag that they reverse your age appearance, but they are mostly temporary solutions so that you keep returning for more product. Here at Crown Aesthetics, we complete an entire procedure and that’s it. There’s no procedures that are needed in the future unless there’s major changes that occur.

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