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Finasteride isn’t the best solution

Finasteride isn't a good solution, it causes more harm than good

With how many solutions and cures for hair loss that exist in the world today, there’s only a few that actually do work. Finasteride IS NOT one of the...

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Balding scalp treatments to consider

Balding scalp treatments are few, but some actually work!

There’s plenty of different reasons that people start getting concerned about their hair and the hair loss that they’re experiencing. These usually ge...

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Hair loss cure, Minoxidil


There is a lot of buzz about a medicine that is being sold as the hair loss cure of the century being approved by the FDA as the only hair loss preven...

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Fuller looking Hair For Women – SMP for Women

Hair 1 W

When losing precious hair it’s hard to say who has it worse men or women? This article covers what can cause a women to lose her precious locks and h...

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Male Hair Loss Cure – Is it Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP)?

We help cure hair loss

Male Hair Loss Cure – Is it SMP? Most men will be asking themselves this question time and time again as their hair loss gets worse and worse. “Is the...

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Making the Transition from Concealers to Undetectable SMP

This is just an example of what SMP can do for you too

Making the transition from concealers to undetectable SMP Why concealers, in the long run, will ruin your look and how SMP can help you solve this pro...

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Scalp Micro-pigmentation Is Undetectable?

This is Scalp Micro-pigmentation after it's been performed

Is Scalp Micro-pigmentation Undetectable? For the vast majority of people, the primary purpose of their scalp micro-pigmentation procedure is to recre...

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